Friday Five Hundred: Kessler Park Cutie Has 8 Million Nooks to Enjoy a Cup of Joe With a View

Published August 10, 2012 by Joanna England

In my journey to the center of 75208, I have stumbled across the most improbable house.

You see, most houses I find end up having one or more things I can really nitpick about. Maybe it’s an ugly master bathroom, or perhaps it’s outdated wallpaper. Sometimes it’s even an update that feels so out of place that it grates me. But Kessler Park’s 1232 Lausanne Ave., marketed by the amazing Hewitt & Habgood Group, has none of those things. It is like a double rainbow emanating from a unicorn’s nether regions: A house with such personality that it feels like there is nothing missing from it.

Sure, it doesn’t have everything on my wishlist — there’s no pool, and that kind of makes me a little sad — but it’s such a wonderful house with great personality and character. From the Austin stone exterior, the gorgeous hardwoods, the fresh kitchen, and the amazing master closet, this home is ready to make its new owner feel like the luckiest mortgagor in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.


Now, I love having my morning cup. It’s like a little sacred ritual for me. My fortress of caffeinated solitude is my deck, from which I like to watch my three hens nibble on their breakfast while the flowers unfurl. So of course, every house I look at I try to find where I would most likely end up having my morning Joe. I counted, and there are FOUR PLACES.  Unbelievable.

Let’s go down the list:

1. The awesome upstairs deck just of the master bedroom is my first choice. From there I could survey a bird feeder or two in the backyard, as well as whatever mischief the neighbors are up to.

2. The little patio off the side of the house. It’s a great place to just sneak away for a bit. No one will ever notice I’m gone …

3. The bistro set on the covered deck just outside the French doors that lead to the …

4. … breakfast nook, which is the No. 1 spot for morning coffee when the weather gets in the way.

Bonus: I would probably even have my morning cup in the gigantic closet off the master bedroom because I could do so without ending up with coffee all over clothes I’m not even wearing.

Besides the great places to grab a latte and read your favorite Dallas real estate blog, this house has three bedrooms, two recently remodeled bathrooms with room for a third, two living areas, and a very spacious two-car garage. The kitchen has some great upgrades, including a brand new SubZero fridge and some gorgeous counters.

This home skates in at 2,915 square feet and $549,000. That’s a crazy value, and it’s a great investment considering the area, which is on the way up. Like I said, it’s a unicorn!

So, what do you think? Get a good look at the listing and tell me: Is there anything about this house that hits the wrong note?

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