Tuesday Two Hundred: L Streets Cutie Makes Living “Large” Look Laughable

Published August 14, 2012 by Joanna England

Let’s do some word association, mmmmmmkay?

When I say “starter home,” what pops into your mind?

For me, I think of three bedrooms, two baths, well-priced and with good schools. Not terribly small but not overwhelmingly huge. And dollars to donuts, it’s inside LBJ.

It’s no accident that today’s Tuesday Two Hundred fits those requirements and then some. This L Streets cutie, 9626 Leaside Drive from Vicki White of Dallas City Center Realtors, has 1,381 square feet and packs every last one of them with stainless, granite, and wood everywhere, huge windows and tons of natural light, and is just $229,000.

You read that right. With this house, a young couple could stay for several years, especially considering the Richardson ISD schools and great shopping nearby. And it’s inside 635, but just barely, so it’s still pretty accessible.

With three bedrooms, there’s enough space for a master, a children’s room, and an office or guest room. The bedrooms benefit from gigantic windows, which really brighten up the house and show off the new flooring and designer paint.

The bathrooms are completely redone and have the kind of mosaic tile you normally see in homes that cost twice what this one does. With all of the remodeling that’s been done to this house, I can definitely see a Gen Y-er moving in.

Outside there’s a really sweet deck, which will make this house party central, at least until the homeowners-to-be have a little bundle of joy. Or two!

— Daily Local Real Estate Dish By Dallas Real Estate Insider — Candy Evans at CandysDirt.com