Are These Dead Fish in Highland Park Collateral Damage from the West Nile Virus Spraying?

Published August 22, 2012 by Candy Evans

photo by Jeff Levine

Hundreds of dead fish in Highland Park have washed up near Turtle Creek and some folks  are connecting the dead fish to Dallas County’s spraying efforts last week to fight West Nile Virus.

But Sheri Brown at the Highland Park Town Hall says it has nada to do with the spraying, but was caused by the fierce storm we had on Saturday evening, which resulted in electrical outages, flash-flooding, and now, apparently, dead fish. That storm made water levels in the creek rise and fall rapidly, washing the fish onto shore where they died when the water receded, kind of like a tsunami. And according to a report in the Dallas Morning News, this also happened last month pre-spraying when it was so dang hot: hot water changes the oxygen levels in the creek, killing off fish.

Meantime, I am looking for signs that my precious geckos are still OK in Preston Hollow. I love geckos: they eat roaches and mosquitoes and may well have saved us from West Nile. As of Saturday, they were still out there and looking fit.

As are our mosquitoes: on Sunday they were still biting me.

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