Tell Me Your Real Estate Story: With Thoughts of Baby No. 2, Hixsons Sell Their Garland Townhome

Published August 22, 2012 by Joanna England

Josh and Christen Hixson are considering baby No. 2, which will probably be just as adorable as baby No. 1. So they’re selling they’re Garland townhome and heading north.


The first time I met Christen Hixson, she was pregnant with their daughter. That was more than two years ago. Time flies, right? So when I heard that they were planning for baby No. 2, I was sure they’d be selling their Garland townhome for some bigger digs up north. They chose Ebby agent Vicki Perkowski to list the three-bedroom, two-bath townhome for $86,000. They moved to Plano, which will be a great spot for Josh, who has taken up barefoot running.

Location and amenities?

Christen: Towngate subdivision in Garland. HOA features pool, tennis court, playground, and town hall for parties and events (they mow your yard every week & paint the outside of your house every 4-5 years too!)
What made you decide to sell?

C: Thinking about baby No. 2 and finally admitting we needed more space and a yard for our puppy and 2 and a half year old to romp around.
How long has your home been on the market? Any interest or serious offers?

C: It’s been on the market for less than a week, so hoping we have some bites soon! It’s such an awesome, unique floor plan that works great as a starter or for retired folks (lots of both types of families in our neighborhood).

Planning on moving anywhere in particular? If so, why?

C: We’ve moved to Plano to be closer to Mimi & Papa (they made us an offer we couldn’t refuse!)

Describe your dream home. Likewise, what’s a dealbreaker for you?

C: My dream home is a functional ranch style. Something that’s super cozy and fun to have parties in, that flows well. I’m not into pomp and circumstance with the bones (two-story vaulted ceilings, etc.) … you can buy fixtures, lighting, curtains, etc. to spice up any house. Dealbreaker is when the master is upstairs with a common room/all the other bedrooms. Or having a second story with only bedrooms and no common room (what’s the point, then?!).

What shocked you about the home-selling process?

I’m in DEEP DENIAL about being a HUGE pack rat. I’m still trying to forget how much stuff we moved.

What pleased you?

The day we moved into the new place felt like the best decision ever, we watched our daughter play like she was meant to live here (she never asked when we are going “home.”)

If you had to do it all over again, what would you do differently?

Not move, just kidding. Send my kiddo away for two weeks so she could come home to a happy, not-stressed-out mommy (she literally rediscovered every toy she had and wanted to take all the stuff out of every box I’d packed.)

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