John Wiley Price’s Defense Attorney Sued by Feds for $5.3 Million in Unpaid Taxes — Guess Where He Lives? Strait Lane.

Published August 28, 2012 by Candy Evans

But don’t get too excited. Defense attorney John Carney lives on Strait Lane, indeedy, or at least one of his trusts owns a home at 11484 Strait Lane. But I don’t think he’ll exactly be slip sliding away down at Richard Malouf’s Water Pik Park.

To be perfectly honest here, Carney’s place is on the “lower rent” part of Strait, which in this case is the upper leg, north of Royal Lane, in the Hockaday addition. Don’t get me wrong, this is a great neighborhood and I’d live here in a heartbeat. But I didn’t want you to see this article in Saturday’s Dallas Morning News and get all worked up thinking, oh Strait Lane Richard Malouf Ross Perot Kenny Troutt wowsers! No sir, we are not talking a 30,000 square foot home here, and no family fitness center across the bridge. No Phil Romano kitchen supreme. What you get is a sturdy, wonderful North Dallas 2700 square foot  ranch built in 1958. It has four bedroom,s three baths, and sold 4/14/2004 for $402,500. It’s about one-third of an acre, which is a great sized lot, and in 2004 had a new retaining wall for the creek. A very nice home indeed, but I just didn’t want you to get misled by the addy being on Strait Lane. John Wiley’s lawyer might not be paying Uncle Sam, they say, but he lives in a pretty normal house.

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