Tuesday Two Hundred My Foot: Live in Southlake for Way, Way Less Than the Pro Boys

Published August 29, 2012 by Candy Evans

I wanted to see if we common folks can live in the mid-cities area, like Southlake, just like all these pro ball player and coaches. I love Vaquero and Westwyck Hills — especially the way they spell the name –but you have to drop at least a couple million. It’s Tuesday $200, our “value real estate” day. How about a home for just $133,000? Are you laughing? Joke’s on you because Briggs-Freeman Sotheby’s has a listing in it’s Southlake office that is so great, it’s already pending.

Enter 2500 Satinwood Court, Arlington. I’m talking a quarter of an acre, 1620 square feet, three bedrooms and two baths. Recall that LaMarcus Aldridge only has two baths in that Lake Oswego, Oregon house. I guess hippies don’t take baths! So here we have a two car garage, a fireplace in the master suite, hell there really is a master suite.

Covered patio just
itching for an outside kitchen and barbecue pit, new roof and A/C as this house was built in 1985. Tarrant county taxes, and you get to live on a cul de sac. I mean, this house is so reasonable you could just charge it for the miles. But like I said, someone has already tucked it in their shopping cart — I came in just too late! The listing agents have a whole lot more in this price range — check it out!


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