Dang! John Wiley Price’s Attorney is Like a God In My Dallas Real Estate Eyes

Published August 30, 2012 by Candy Evans

Mea Culpa. I goofed. So very sorry. What more can I say but this is proof that your real estate reporter will always get off her butt and go check out a house before she writes about it. What am I, getting lazy in my old age? (Maybe.) (Or maybe too much alcohol.) So I drove over to the upper echelons of Strait Lane the other day and lookie what I found: a friggin’ masterpiece. THIS is John Wiley Price’s defense attorney John Carney’s house on Strait Lane. I’d say this gal has had a little reconstructive work done. Quite frankly, I think it’s beautiful. I want the name of the doctor! We went from a meh North Dallas ranch to 5900 square feet, five bedrooms, four baths, just as Uppercase Matt told me. Babydoll, I owe you!

Quite frankly, I have a message for Uncle Sam: leave this guy alone. I don’t care what he paid or did not pay, he worked a freakin’ miracle on this home. Give him a huge tax break. I’d LOVE to see the interiors.

By the way, lest you think I was being snarky about this end of Strait, mais no mes cheries.  I love it. Susan Newell constructed a stunning new home at the very end, and with the dead end into the Hockaday campus, it’s like living next to a very well-manicured preserve. See?


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