Monday Millionaire(s): The Official Last-Day-Of-Summer Swimming Pool Roundup

Published September 4, 2012 by Joanna England

Yes, today is the last day of summer, but that doesn’t mean the hot weather is any closer to giving way to autumn temperatures. It’s time to muse on the best thing to have during a blistering Texas summer: a backyard swimming pool.

With the help of Ebby’s own Cody Baker, I present my personal top five swimming pools on the market today:

1. 811 N. Shore Drive, Highland Village

The pool at 811 N Shore Drive in Highland Village tops my list of best pools on the market today.

This pool is amazing. It has a lazy river without being too huge or imposing, and it has a great view of the lake, too. Sure, it doesn’t have gigantic fiberglass slides like someone on Strait Lane, but this pool definitely feels like a great place to throw an end-of-summer bash.

2. 300 W. Bethel Road, Coppell

The pool at 300 W. Bethel Road feels placid and relaxing.

The huge waterfall just outside the loggia, combined with the fountain inside the spa makes this pool a relaxing, resort-like escape!

3. 905 Tranquility Drive, Fairview

The address says it all: 905 Tranquility Drive was made for peaceful time outdoors.

Just look at how the sunset on the facade of the house contrasts with the dark cerulean waters. If that isn’t peaceful enough, the trickling noise of the waterfall and fountains will be!

4.  6 Lochleven, Richardson

The pool at 6 Lochleven is all about drama with two fire pits and four fountains.

The quatrefoil shape of the pool at 6 Lochleven is totally regal, but it’s the two fire pits and the fountains that bring all of the drama. Combined with the Monticello-looking home, this Richardson house is fit for a queen.

5. 6812 Hunters Glen, University Park

Sleek, linear, and modern, the pool at 6812 Hunters Glen fits seamlessly with the home.

For something completely different, we round out our list with 6812 Hunters Glen in University Park. This pool is all about right angles and concrete, which is what you’ll find inside the home, too.

Did we miss a perfect pool? Tell us about it!

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