More Park Cities/Preston Hollow Crime, Now Behind the Pink Wall

Published September 12, 2012 by Candy Evans

I own a condo here at The Seville, and my daughter and son-in-law live here as well. Both these gracious condos are located on Averill Way, “Behind the Pink Wall”, an amazingly close-in and usually SAFE neighborhood in Preston Hollow, near Northwest Highway and Preston Road. Tonight my daughter gave me this report:

“Just found out a neighbor was attacked and pistol whipped in the alley behind our place tonight, while I was 30 feet away in my kitchen organizing with the window facing the alleyway wide open (blinds all the way up). The neighbor was apparently followed here from Starbucks Preston Center. Apparently University Park/Preston Hollow is not even safe anymore.”

She says an ambulance picked up the victim in the alley behind her condo, and she is very concerned. My late mother lived in this area for more than ten years and never, ever had a serious problem. First random gunshots at The Shelton early Monday morning, and then tonight, this? Also, how are we to heed the advice of the greens to “walk everywhere” if we are just going to get mugged while doing so? What’s our biggest problem in Dallas? Crime! Stay tuned for updates!

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