Dallas Real Estate News & Crime: Was Someone Shooting Up the Shelton? What is This, Park Cities or Beirut?

Published September 12, 2012 by Candy Evans

Scary thought, but Robert Wilonsky is reporting in the Dallas Morning News there’s been a bit o’ crime over at the Shelton. Yes, thee Shelton — that pricey high rise across from the Park Cities Hilton where they are still trying to sell condos for $1.3 million, don’t get me started. They have been selling these units or trying to since Nicky and Eleanor’s heyday.

Wilonsky says this came under the “criminal mischief” heading. Mischief, indeed. At 2:30 a.m. Sunday  morning, somebody fired a gun at The Shelton. A resident living on the 12th floor of the north side heard shattering glass, then discovered someone had indeed shot out a window. The bullet hit a concrete block and thankfully, stopped.

DPD’s report says the shot “appeared to be a random act, possible shot from the tollway, by a passing car.” Then Wilonsky says a Shelton employee said maybe it came from Northwest Highway — I will tell you that intersection of Preston and Northwest Highway is not where you want to be after midnight. Maybe NTTA traffic cams will give us a clue, but I shudder to think that Park Cities has become Beirut, where people just fire guns into the air for the heck of it.



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