With Election Season in Full Swing, is a Campaign Sign in The Front Yard a Good Idea?

Published October 15, 2012 by Joanna England

I doubt a piece of cardboard and a stake is going to turn off a prospective buyer, but would you want to risk it?

Apparently yes, at least for some people. I’ve passed several homes on my rounds through Dallas’ many upscale neighborhoods with not only a “For Sale” sign in the front yards, but large signs extolling their picks for public office.

To me, it doesn’t make sense. You put a ton of dough into staging a home so it will get top dollar, you hire an agent who knows the neighborhood and will list the house at a price that won’t have buyers scoffing or blowing coffee into their computer screens, and then you hire a photographer to come in and take great images of your home.

And then you potentially screw it all up by anchoring a 3-foot-square campaign sign at the convergence of a corner lot. Oh, and I have nothing against Jeb Hensarling. Just using this home/campaign as an example.

Maybe I’m overreacting. What do you think?

— Daily Local Real Estate Dish By Dallas Real Estate Insider — Candy Evans at CandysDirt.com