Remember Battle Over Winfrey Point Parking? Proposed White Rock Lake Boat House Has Peninsula Residents Up in Arms Again

Published November 7, 2012 by Joanna England

Back in May we reported on the Dallas Arboretum’s attempt to add a parking lot on Winfrey Point. Residents in the nearby Emerald Isle neighborhood balked at the idea and organized several protests outside the arboretum’s gates, just as the Chihuly exhibit was opening, too.

It was quite the foofaraw.

Turns out, though, that White Rock Lake residents have been blindsided by a development again. At least that’s what they claim.

We received a note from an angry neighbor who is asking people to write letters and show up at City Hall on Nov. 14, which is when the Dallas United Crew (nee HP Crew) boathouse will be on the agenda.

“A group of wealthy Highland Parkers has secretly convinced our City Council to build a GIANT “boat house” on the east side of the lake. The size of this facility is monstrous. It occupies the mass of three football fields. They are allowed to lease the facility at will as well as serve liquor by the drink. ThIs will no doubt effect your ability to continue your running events as there are no restrictions on the size of the events, nor are there any limitations to the time, gate access (they are allowed to unlock the gates that currently impede motor traffic on the running and bike trails in this area).  Clearly drinking, mass amounts of motor traffic, and runners do not mix).”

So, why does Dallas United Crew need their own boathouse when White Rock Lake already has a huge one? Well, there appears to be some unconfirmed drama surrounding that.

There’s a website with more information on the opposition here (Caution: The site looks like something constructed in the days of Angelfire). Want to peruse the documents from the Park Board meeting and approval? Here they are.

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