The Lakewood Home Tour is TODAY! And TOMORROW! And I have Two More Tickets Left….

Published November 11, 2012 by Candy Evans

That’s it, TWO tickets for anyone who can tell me in what year J.J. Long School, pictured here, was built. So much on tap in Lakewood this weekend, you cannot miss Eddie Maestri’s modern farmhouse on Coronado, a spectacular mid century-modern influenced new build on Lake Circle, or a historic Spanish-style Hutsell home right Lakewood Boulevard with an original fresco above the fireplace that was recently restored. This house was almost destroyed by a fire and essentially rebuilt, but retains many of its original features. Now here’s a street I plan to live on before I die: Bob O’ Link, just LOVE that name, and check out a  charming ranch-style home on Bob O’Link. Scuttlebutt: the owner of Times Ten Cellars and Blow hair salon bought it last year from the former personal secretary and close friend of Mary Kay, who had lived there for four decades. The new owner has created a fascinating fountain of wine bottles in the garden, which is essentially an outdoor living room, as interesting as the house itself!

A wine bottle fountain in the garden… I should so move to Lakewood!

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