Troy Aikman Really Did Take His Home Off the Market… Like We Told You in September

Published November 11, 2012 by Candy Evans

Troy Aikman’s Highland Park home is officially off the market, as I told you back in September. Then, I thought it was because a buyer was circling, and selling it out of MLS could have kept the price a secret because of those pesky new MLS rules. But no,  Allie Beth Allman told Candace Carlisle at the Dallas Business Journal that he wants it off the market.

“It was such a great house and the more he thought about it, he thought it was a mistake selling it,” Allman said. “I encouraged it. He couldn’t find anything comparable to where he is.”

Aikman’s house was once the most expensive residential real estate in North Texas at $24 million but…  Recall that Aikman sold a parcel of his estate last May for an estimated $10 million to Brian and Barbara Pratt, who plan to build on the property.  The lot was listed at $11,500,000 for only 109 days. Word on the street was they paid just about tax value ($5,493,000) and the lot was never ever in MLS, but I think the sales price is closer to ten million. 4419 Highland Drive includes a cabana, a deck and sport court and 39,239 square feet of dirt to build on,  a hefty Highland Park lot of 159 width by 258 depth.

And Troy Aikman right next door now for good!

Potashnik house

Let’s float back to 2008: Troy bought this lot from from Brian and Cheryl Potashnik for about $5 million. When he sold the lot last May, he lowered the price of his 10,000 plus square foot homestead to $14 million. But then John and Teresa Amend came along and put Mt. Vernon on the market, also with Allie Beth, capturing the most expensive home on the market in Dallas cup.

Brian Pratt is chairman, president and CEO of Dallas-based Primoris Services Corp, which appears to be a serious commercial infrastructure contractor in engineering and construction consultation and services, with some impressive clients. Oil field services perhaps? Business must be awesomely good.

Kind of a nice perk now that the Pratts have Aikman and his children as neighbors.

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