Dallas Mayoral Candidates at Home: David Kunkle

Published May 13, 2011 by Candy Evans

David and Sarah Dodd Kunkle’s adorable M Street “cottage” won my heart and my vote. Maybe it was because it was dusky and I thought I saw fairies dancing.  The Kunkles live at 5538 Ridgedale near Monticello in one of those charming  neighborhoods where everyone has chairs with cute cushions outside on the front lawn, one chair was even placed right up to the street. (Question: don’t those cushions get wet?) The Kunkle house just looked so warm and inviting, the lawn neat and tidy, and they had gas lanterns on warming the front door entrance. I think this area is called Greenland Hills. Surprisingly, the home is new — in fact all the mayoral candidates live in homes built or remodeled about the same time. It was built in 2006 but is the smallest home of the lot — only 2505 square feet. Still, the home has four bedrooms squeezed in, two baths and two fireplaces. No pool. Two car attached garage and enclosed patio. The lot is typical M Streets size, 50 by 145.  The Kunkle’s house is valued at $518,260 and they fork over $11,476 in property taxes. Clearly, the Kunkles have the smallest home in this mayoral race, but their street sure was lined with Kunkle for mayor signs.

Who gets my vote? David Kunkle. Here’s why: DCAD lists the condition of the Kunkle’s house as EXCELLENT, as opposed to Rawlings’ VERY GOOD and Natinsky’s GOOD.

I’m all about real estate. I vote for the candidate with the best house, or shall I say, the house in the best shape. And that is David Kunkle. Hands down.

David Kunkle